Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Summer Fun

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I thought it's gonna be like.. awkward moments.
Today was the first day we met, after got to know through social media, connected and then naturally closed like a true friend.

I forgot how was our friendship started, but I remember one thing. "they" made us know each other. 

They? yes 
who? haha nope!

Everybody knew that there is no summer weather in Indonesia, but dry season. I don't care about how people called it, but today was deadly really hot! SPF 25 didn't even works. And everyone would be get sunburned.
well, I called it summer.
the Summer Fun :)

We just went out to eat meatballs in Mbak Bakso near my house, then we went to the hopeless karaoke.
Ummm .. err ... haha '__'

In this pict, I extremely wanted to look like a rocks K-Pop Idol! @#$%&#%

Did I?
Ok thank you~

Now, look at that song list! Karaoke room that we've visited hasn't updating songs though. Its made me scream inside. 

At least I sang well, no matter what I felt...

"Hei hei! Can we start to think to avoid talking about feeling things?"
oh ok ok

Well... Thank you for today, Fildzha Amalina Gobel.

NB: I really like your name.

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