----------------- milkysmile-----------------

milkysmile On this blog, I don't want, I can't, may not, dan WILL NEVER milkysmile put my mobile-phone number, telephone number, blackberry PIN, etc.
Maybe when necessary, numbers are my shoes? ,, 39 ! hahahahahahahaha milkysmile
milkysmile or my favorite number? its 3 and 7 ... etc...etc...etc... milkysmile

milkysmile So, if you want to contact me by telephone, it's highly unlikely! milkysmile it's impossible !!! milkysmile
But you can scream bloody murder  (wherever you live) milkysmile, until your voice can be heard from here! milkysmile

and another,
milkysmile Don't ever dare to ask for my pin or a cellphone number, because I'll just give you one or two digits only!  milkysmile



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