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PhotobucketI am MOESLEM, and it's forever milkysmile I prefer the JAPAN than in KOREA, but I had a dream to both Photobucket I am a karateka black belt, and I am proud milkysmile I am sure I'm not pretty, snub nose and short chin (╯︵╰,) but I don't know, I feel safe to feel cute :p milkysmile I always tie my hair Photobucket I am a KPOPERS, I love pop songs and see them dancing Photobucket B1A4 is my BIAS ! Yeaah ... since first seeing their pictures at June 2011, I had become an ABers milkysmileT-Ara is my favorite girlband due Park Ji Yeon milkysmile I hated was born in January, I think I very quickly grow old among my peers milkysmile I like PINK, although the matter of clothing I prefer black or white Photobucket I am not ANTI to anyone and anything, if I don't like, I will not discuss it milkysmile My blood type is "B", I want to check it again and hope my blood "AB" milkysmile I can't swim and ride a motorcycle milkysmile I hate plagiarism ! but there may be someone who plans to KILL me because they feel I've copied, in fact I never intend to. I really like it too, Sorry milkysmile I always hoped someday I become slim milkysmile I love ICE CREAM milkysmile I am not a laugher milkysmile I always imagined being a successful writer, but lazy to continue writing -.- milkysmile I can't cook, except MARTABAK MIE, and even then never good Photobucket I better push-up 1000 times, rather than having to play TORNADO rides in Dufan for the second time Photobucket I still remember my first cellphone numbers. 085 255 347 554. That was in 2006 and if still active, there is a haunted (???) milkysmile 나는 이니셜의 EAW 사랑 ! Photobucket I second child, and I'm glad I have a sister and brother. It complements my life a little milkysmile I've NEVER had a true friend like in the movies Photobucket I prefer to read Harry Potter novels, rather than watching the movie. If read more free imagination milkysmile I don't have a party dress! But this year I was thinking about it milkysmile I like the high male, smart, and just like my hobbies, as well as connect in the talks milkysmile I hate dogs, funny whatever it is Photobucket I am lecture in SMALLEST University in Indonesia and I majored in MANAGEMENT ! TT_TT milkysmile I am not believe in prayer when I saw a shooting star, but I always did it unconsciously PhotobucketI thought, GOD really loves me ~~

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